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Brennan Vineyards Vintner Dinner

​​04/21/2017 6:30PM

Brennan Vineyards tells the world it’s all about “Sophisticated Wine with Texas Roots,” and we are excited to share those roots, and especially those exciting wines, with you. Brennan’s thirty acres of vineyard in Comanche County are currently home to an impressive ten grape varietals that are used to make thirteen different wines. We’ll be tasting five of them alongside an exciting multi-cultural menu. The first grapes at Brennan were planted back in 2002, giving birth to a full state-of-the-art winery three years later. The wines are now in the hands of visionary winemaker Todd Webster, and we can’t wait to enjoy them on this special occasion right along with you.

Royers Cafe Class

Bud Royer

​​05/05/2017 6:30PM

Texas has produced many celebrity chefs, especially since the New Southwestern and New Texas cuisines captured the nation’s imagination in the 1980s. Yet perhaps the most iconic food personality in the Lone Star State today is a fellow who insists he’s not a chef at all. For going on three decades, Bud Royer, his wife Karen and their children have operated Royers Café in Round Top – regularly serving 125,000 people a year in a dining room with only 10 tables in a town of only 90 people. Sharing that unique story and more than a few of the café’s unique recipes, Bud brings his colorful personality, his salt-and-pepper beard and ponytail and, no doubt, his signature turquoise jewelry to our cooking school. Perhaps best of all, Bud the Pieman will show us step-by-step how he makes the pies he ships all over America. Join us for this uniquely American moment.