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          A Chef’s Table in most restaurants is a portal into the world of the Chef. Typically, in the kitchen guests sit on bar stools as they watch the hustle of all the cooks and chefs at play, but unlike sitting out in the dining room and ordering off the menu, the guests at the chefs table eat the off-menu creations of the chef in the chef’s own space.   
              At Fischer & Wieser’s Culinary Adventure School we offer a chef’s table once a month, this evening is focused on the meal and in as much is less a cooking class and more an adventure into the community that happens around the table, and though we call it the chef’s table in truth the table is for you the one who sits at it. Each month’s Chef’s Table event will be unique, but each will have its own one-time menu, and each will celebrate the gathering of great people around a bountifully table designed to inspire great conversation and lasting friendships.  
            Please join us at our table and celebrate with us the beauty found when remarkable people gather for a meal. At Fischer & Wieser’s Culinary Adventure School we realize that though our adventure may begin in the kitchen it continues at the table.

Smoked Sword Fish and Caramelized Onion Ice Cream
 Beet and Goat Cheese Salad w/ Champagne Honey Mustard Dressing
 Chanterelle Stuffed Beef Tenderloin w/ Gorgonzola Foam
 Apple and Pear Gillette w/ Walnut Streusel

Served w/Red and White wine. (Wine Included in Price)


​11/24/2018 @ 6:30pm


Parsnip and Apple Soup
Pear, Fennel and Pecorino Salad
Pork Tenderloin with Hot Jam Chili
Pumpkin Mousse Bourbon Whipped Cream

Served w/Red and White wine. (Wine Included in Price)

Join us for a seasonal feast sure to warm you with comfort and excite your pallet as our next guest Chef Monica Tapia, prepares some of her autumn favorites. Currently serving as resident chef at Sur la Table at River Oaks in Houston, Chef Monica gets the opportunity to work with chefs visiting the upscale store's cooking school - whether it's helping them with the hottest culinary trend or refining their approach to the most traditional aspects of European cooking. In so doing, she gets to use the education she received in the Art Institute of Houston's respected culinary program, completing her studies in 2010. Chef Monica has a deep passion for cooking and teaching, "I'm mesmerized by the beauty of food and the sensual feeling it gives to people," she says. "It amazes me to see how it can instantly change someone's day and their demeanor."


​11/16/2018 @ 6:30pm