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Learn to cook, learn to taste and learn to laugh – it’s all part of Fischer & Wieser’s Culinary Adventure Cooking School. Each two-hour class features a cooking demonstration with wines and opens a window onto one of our dazzling cuisines. Sign up today for one of our scheduled classes, or talk with us about a customized class for your group of 8 to 20. We even accommodate special dietary needs, with advance notice. That is what we call a big Hill Country welcome!

A typical two-hour cooking class blends demonstration and storytelling with hands-on kitchen experience as desired by the students. Regular classes are a full and satisfying meal with white and red wine. Questions are always welcome, and answers are given within the context of a fun leisure experience - a true culinary adventure. 

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Chef Victoria McLure’s first cookbook was Mud pies and Other Recipes, which she received from her God parents when she was five.  This taught her that playing with food, especially when it involved mud, was fun.  After receiving a PhD in English and teaching for 28 years, McLure remembered how much fun it was to play with food.  She owned Magpie Lane Bakery in Lubbock, a successful cottage bakery for five years before moving to Fredericksburg.  She attended Escoffier Culinary Academy in the baking and pastry school.  Her specialties include decorated cakes and cookies and French pastry. Type your paragraph here.

Jerrel Williams, United States Army veteran, fell in love with the food industry when he recognized its potential to make people happy. A 2018 graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America-San Antonio campus, Mr.Williams is now studying at the University of Texas-San Antonio, earning a degree in nutrition science. As he works his way through school, the enterprising student is also embarching on a culinary business,” A Way To The Heart,” with fellow CIA alumni. He also volunteers with Chef Milas Williams nonprofit youth Empowerment Dinner and Annual Community Junior Chef Competition. 


Born in the cosmopolitan center of Mexico City, yet equally at home in Fredericksburg, Fernando Herrera seems perfectly suited for making and teaching food in a wine destination like the Texas Hill Country. He first found admiration here running the wine program at Navajo Grill, long one of the area’s most prestigious restaurants. Pairing great food with great wines night after night convinced him to master not only American cuisine, or Texas cuisine, or even Latin cuisine but, to the best of his abilities, all cuisines. He is happy cooking those obvious choices in Texas but also exploring Greek, Lebanese, French, Spanish, Italian, even Japanese dishes.